Wednesday, December 29

Possible Survey opp (Food)

I do focus groups and surveys from time to time. I didn't qualify for this one, but maybe one of you will.
We're looking for women to be in an online study about food products that begins January 6. This study pays $80.

I can't share what the survey was about in order for them to get an accurate poll.

Monday, December 27

Sunday Snow

Sunday was a day of snow, soup and silly giggles. Alhamdullilah is had starting snowing overnight, so by 9am the snow had settled nicely and had enveloped the hubbie's work truck , and surrounding cars, and left the undisturbed street bright white and glittery.

Of course the children were anxious to get out into it and play. Now playing in the snow takes a bit of preparation, so it took quite a few run throughs until they were dressed warmly enough to satisfy me.

Masha'allaah as soon as they went outside my father-in-law (Brother B) and one of my sister in laws (Sister S) drove up to drop off some fresh italian bread. I was very happy about that, as I was planning on making a sweet potato soup for dinner, and that would top it off nicely, all warm with butter.

Check them out here acting silly and enjoying the cold and snow. They kept running in and out, but stayed out for the most part for about 2 1/2 hours. I love how my daughter's laugh is so vibrant and full of sparkle, it makes me glad to know & love her!

Since they were having such a good time, this gave me a bit of time to prepare my dinner. I turned on Paltalk to listen to lectures, and proceeded to into the kitchen. I had wanted to make a sweet potato soup, as I had a lot of them left from going to the produce store. And what's better then hot soup on a cold day?

After searching the net for some recipes, I came across from two that seemed to have the flavor I was desiring. It seems for this type of soup the taste will have some sweetness, whether from maple syrup, brown sugar or coconut milk. I ended combining some of the flavor profiles from both recipes.

They were the Sweet Potato and Apple Soup and Creamy Sweet Potato Soup, I think they were very similar actually. I omitted the nutmeg and adobe sauce, and I finished it off with a can of coconut milk. Here is a picture of the final product.

While the soup was simmering, I prepared for the children to come in the house, and made a big pot of tea to warm them up. I had been peeking outside to keep an eye on them, and relished the sounds of their laughter, and appreciated the fact that all the running around would allow them to have a restful night.

Not too long after that, they all came traipsing in looking like snow bunnies, tossing wet coats and gloves on the floor, struggling to get off big boots, all the while showing flush face, smiling faces.

They drank their tea, while sneaking bits of the loaves of bread brought over earlier. If I had not got them it may not have been enough to serve with dinner!

Dinner came around, and I served the hot soup with buttered bread and we tore in. I liked it, but felt it was missing just a tad of something, so I add a few grains of sea salt and that pepped it up a bit The husband initially said no when he came in, but agreed, and said that he enjoyed it very much. The children gave it a thumbs up, except for the youngest.

I will keep in in my recipe box with a few modifications.

So that was my Sunday. How was yours?

Saturday, December 18

Dream house?

I imagine my special house with the wrap-a-round porch, and a swing that fits more then one, and a yard, not too perfectly landscaped where my children can romp and dream. A place of comfort and memory-making, and places to hide and be found.

Of course, it wouldn't hurt to have it be pretty too!

There are many ideas in my mind of how to decorate it, and I wait patiently for the day I can make my home the place of my dreams.

Today I was wandering through some of my favorite store websites like Ikea and Pier 1. 

I came up with a living room design shown below. For some some reason brown kept popping up. Although I do favor chocolate brown, if you were to ask me my favorite color, it wouldn't be my first choice. I prefer turquoise and shades of green & blues, and hues of burnt orange and vibrant deep reds. But I think this has a touch of all of those colors. I believe color can add sparkle to your life!

Now I know some of these prices are very high, but it's mostly as a framework to jump off from.  Thrift store shopping, Craigslist, and the  bargain box of my local newspaper would be my method to furnish. It has to be eclectic and frugal to make me totally happy (smile)

What about you, anything special you are looking at to beautify your home?

$848 -

$50 -

$5.99 -

Sunday, December 5

Homemaking and children

Well it has been a few days since I have written anything, but such is life, one has to go with the flow.

I have been thinking a lot about how to simplify my life, finding ways that will enable me to make my home a place of faith, love, beauty, real communication, laughter and a place that will be remembered with fondness by my children & family.

The last few days I have been reading about frugal living. The way the world works, you do need money to accomplish most things. Now this can be a little or a lot, and I am working on "a little" (smile). So to find more ways to maximize what we have and to be frugal and not wasteful, I have been looking for tips and reading material to help me toward that goal.

I came across an old-school 1832 text called, "The American Frugal Housewife" By Lydia M. Child. Although some of the content may be (and is) considered antiquated, I found a bit of valuable information that still applies in this time and age.

One part part I particulary agreed with is when the author speaks about how all things have some use, and how children should  be encouraged to have a role in taking care of their things, such as learning how to mend and being involved with chores. I think this is an important point, teaching our youth to be mindful of the upkeep of their own surroundings, as this involves respect for their father's hard work in keeping a roof over their heads, and makes them appreciative of what they are given, insha'allah

My children have always been taught to have some self responsibility from an early age. Even a young child can be taught to clear their cup and plate from the table and place in sink, to pick up their toys, to put away their toothbrush. Starting early instills good habits, and encourages them to be helpful around the house, and it actually shows that the family works as a team, and everyone's input counts.

With such an early start, my children are now capable of sorting and starting the washer if need be, and making juice cups sparkle after doing the dinner dishes among other things. While I am the mother and responsible for the upkeep of my home, I see no problem showing my children how and what to do as far as household cleaning, budgeting and cooking so they can gradually acquire homemaking skills, both sons and daughters. I believe this is important to help care for their future families.

So glance though the pdf, and share your feedback!

Plus here are a few links to chore charts
Here is the one I want to do! Magnetic Chore Chart
Really cute Scrapbook type chore chart

Sunday, November 28

Eczema and coconut oil..Why did I wait so long?

Eczema. This word arouses numerous emotions. Pain. Sadness. Guilt. Embarrassment. Those are the initial feelings.

A medical defination states that eczema /ec·ze·ma/ (ek´zĕ-mah)  is a pruritic papulovesicular dermatitis characterized early by erythema, edema associated with a serous exudate in the epidermis and an inflammatory infiltrate in the dermis, oozing and vesiculation, and crusting and scaling; and later by lichenification, thickening, signs of excoriations, and altered pigmentation.eczem´atous

My definition is that eczema is a tedious skin disorder that can cause extreme pain due to cracks in skin and incessant itching that is not easily relieved. It requires much dua, and plenty of sabr to cope with.

This skin condition has been an ongoing trial for several members of my family for years. Our family has tried many treatments, such prescribed medications,  homeopathic, cleansing, and herbal remedies.

We have participated in clinical trials for new topical treatments, and have personally tried almost every steroid created. This has lead to thin skin, and when tapered off, a furious return of worsened skin.

Oatmeal baths, tar pine oil, bath oil, predisone, presciption medicines, topical balms sold on the Internet,  we have tried so many of them with no success.

Due to this, I am always researching possible remedies to help ease and possibly cure this ailment. 

Coconut oil has come up a lo during my research, but I was hesitant for some reason. I read feedback at various natural remedy sites like, but it was an hubpage article titled "Natural Eczema Treatment With Virgin Coconut Oil  that really won me over.

Alhamdullilah, I was able to go to a natural foods store yesterday and was fortunate enough to get some NOW virgin coconut oil. There, I picked up a few more items to try a remedy that a sister had shared with me that included onion juice, wild thyme and castor oil.

That remedy didn't go off so well this first go out, but I will try again. However the coconut oil? Subhna'allah it is already working wonderfully!

My children have barely scratched all day, and there has been a big improvement on the scalp of one child. I applied some to my scalp and hair, and my scalp feels moist and my hair is supple and soft, masha'allah.

Although I waited awhile before trying this product, I am so glad I finally did. This is truly a big blessing, and I am hopeful that virgin coconut oil will provide ongoing relief and healing for us, and maybe for you too if you suffer from eczema

Saturday, November 27

The wind is 1 of blog

Brisk, cutting, whispering winds are winding their way outside, around and around. Although I am snuggled securely inside my home, the  murmuring winds find a way inside, under a crack of the front door, through the secret openings of a window. I hear it, I listen.

I love the chill, I thrive in the winter. While most people long for a warm night with sun and cloudless days, I favor overcast afternoons that require the hottest cup of tea, (maybe two) and my children close by.

As I sit here, I look forward to capturing memories, sharing what interests me, enjoying the simple things in life, and  learning more about the world.

I hope you will accompany me on my simple, yet loving life blogging journey. Have a beautiful day!