Saturday, December 18

Dream house?

I imagine my special house with the wrap-a-round porch, and a swing that fits more then one, and a yard, not too perfectly landscaped where my children can romp and dream. A place of comfort and memory-making, and places to hide and be found.

Of course, it wouldn't hurt to have it be pretty too!

There are many ideas in my mind of how to decorate it, and I wait patiently for the day I can make my home the place of my dreams.

Today I was wandering through some of my favorite store websites like Ikea and Pier 1. 

I came up with a living room design shown below. For some some reason brown kept popping up. Although I do favor chocolate brown, if you were to ask me my favorite color, it wouldn't be my first choice. I prefer turquoise and shades of green & blues, and hues of burnt orange and vibrant deep reds. But I think this has a touch of all of those colors. I believe color can add sparkle to your life!

Now I know some of these prices are very high, but it's mostly as a framework to jump off from.  Thrift store shopping, Craigslist, and the  bargain box of my local newspaper would be my method to furnish. It has to be eclectic and frugal to make me totally happy (smile)

What about you, anything special you are looking at to beautify your home?

$848 -

$50 -

$5.99 -


  1. I like burnt orange too, maybe a light shade, as a paint color for the living room. I liked the couch you picked out and the accent pillows mashaallah

  2. I have always liked burnt orange since I had this fly trench coat that color in high

    Yes, I agree that color would be a nice wall color too.

  3. As salaam alaikum,

    We need a new kitchen table like the one that have benches and fits in the corners. If you come across this in your research pls let me know, insha Allah.