Sunday, December 5

Homemaking and children

Well it has been a few days since I have written anything, but such is life, one has to go with the flow.

I have been thinking a lot about how to simplify my life, finding ways that will enable me to make my home a place of faith, love, beauty, real communication, laughter and a place that will be remembered with fondness by my children & family.

The last few days I have been reading about frugal living. The way the world works, you do need money to accomplish most things. Now this can be a little or a lot, and I am working on "a little" (smile). So to find more ways to maximize what we have and to be frugal and not wasteful, I have been looking for tips and reading material to help me toward that goal.

I came across an old-school 1832 text called, "The American Frugal Housewife" By Lydia M. Child. Although some of the content may be (and is) considered antiquated, I found a bit of valuable information that still applies in this time and age.

One part part I particulary agreed with is when the author speaks about how all things have some use, and how children should  be encouraged to have a role in taking care of their things, such as learning how to mend and being involved with chores. I think this is an important point, teaching our youth to be mindful of the upkeep of their own surroundings, as this involves respect for their father's hard work in keeping a roof over their heads, and makes them appreciative of what they are given, insha'allah

My children have always been taught to have some self responsibility from an early age. Even a young child can be taught to clear their cup and plate from the table and place in sink, to pick up their toys, to put away their toothbrush. Starting early instills good habits, and encourages them to be helpful around the house, and it actually shows that the family works as a team, and everyone's input counts.

With such an early start, my children are now capable of sorting and starting the washer if need be, and making juice cups sparkle after doing the dinner dishes among other things. While I am the mother and responsible for the upkeep of my home, I see no problem showing my children how and what to do as far as household cleaning, budgeting and cooking so they can gradually acquire homemaking skills, both sons and daughters. I believe this is important to help care for their future families.

So glance though the pdf, and share your feedback!

Plus here are a few links to chore charts
Here is the one I want to do! Magnetic Chore Chart
Really cute Scrapbook type chore chart


  1. This is a very nice place you have here... mash'Allah... I look forward to visiting more...I agree with all you have said here. I homeschool, use natural meds, reuse jars, chinese containers, I have garden and grow as much as I can... I sew, crochet, cook from scratch amoung a few others...My children loves it. I see what I am teaching them is helping them so much an they will pass it don to their kid...

  2. great post ukhti! I have all boys but I'm trying to teach them too.
    You're site looks great mashaallah

  3. ..I do not know whay the first comment had my handle!

    It is someone