Sunday, November 28

Eczema and coconut oil..Why did I wait so long?

Eczema. This word arouses numerous emotions. Pain. Sadness. Guilt. Embarrassment. Those are the initial feelings.

A medical defination states that eczema /ec·ze·ma/ (ek´zĕ-mah)  is a pruritic papulovesicular dermatitis characterized early by erythema, edema associated with a serous exudate in the epidermis and an inflammatory infiltrate in the dermis, oozing and vesiculation, and crusting and scaling; and later by lichenification, thickening, signs of excoriations, and altered pigmentation.eczem´atous

My definition is that eczema is a tedious skin disorder that can cause extreme pain due to cracks in skin and incessant itching that is not easily relieved. It requires much dua, and plenty of sabr to cope with.

This skin condition has been an ongoing trial for several members of my family for years. Our family has tried many treatments, such prescribed medications,  homeopathic, cleansing, and herbal remedies.

We have participated in clinical trials for new topical treatments, and have personally tried almost every steroid created. This has lead to thin skin, and when tapered off, a furious return of worsened skin.

Oatmeal baths, tar pine oil, bath oil, predisone, presciption medicines, topical balms sold on the Internet,  we have tried so many of them with no success.

Due to this, I am always researching possible remedies to help ease and possibly cure this ailment. 

Coconut oil has come up a lo during my research, but I was hesitant for some reason. I read feedback at various natural remedy sites like, but it was an hubpage article titled "Natural Eczema Treatment With Virgin Coconut Oil  that really won me over.

Alhamdullilah, I was able to go to a natural foods store yesterday and was fortunate enough to get some NOW virgin coconut oil. There, I picked up a few more items to try a remedy that a sister had shared with me that included onion juice, wild thyme and castor oil.

That remedy didn't go off so well this first go out, but I will try again. However the coconut oil? Subhna'allah it is already working wonderfully!

My children have barely scratched all day, and there has been a big improvement on the scalp of one child. I applied some to my scalp and hair, and my scalp feels moist and my hair is supple and soft, masha'allah.

Although I waited awhile before trying this product, I am so glad I finally did. This is truly a big blessing, and I am hopeful that virgin coconut oil will provide ongoing relief and healing for us, and maybe for you too if you suffer from eczema